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We are coming up fast on Ignite Seattle 24. The event is Thursday May 22th 7:00pm and tickets are on sale now.

If you have an a story to tell, or a lesson you want to share, fill out the Submit a Talk form. Deadline is end of day Friday.

Town Hall is an amazing venue to speak in, and our crowd is likely to be the most fun and supportive audience you’ll ever get to present in front of. We’ll be choosing talks next week and announcing them soon after.


At Ignite Seattle 20, Carmen Hudson, a tech recruiter shares the professional secrets for how she finds candidates online, including how our Twitter and Facebook feeds reveal far more than we realize.


The next Ignite Seattle will be on Thursday May 22nd at Town Hall Seattle.  We’re accepting talk submissions right now, no waiting.

You can buy tickets now through Stranger Tickets. Or fill out the Submit a Talk form if you want to get on the most fun and exciting stage in all of Seattle.




At Ignite Seattle 22Darcy Burner gave an exceptional talk about the power of protest and the algorithm behind it. Watch and enjoy this talk of the week.

As a shorthand, her algorithm includes these five components:

  1. Innocents
  2. In harms way
  3. Broadcast to the world
  4. Shocks the conscience
  5. If it involves the use of force in response


Our great host for Ignite Seattle, Town Hall Seattle is throwing their 10th anniversary fund raiser called Talk of The Town, on Thursday March 6th starting at 5pm. If you don’t know all that Town Hall Seattle does, they’re one of the premier venues for bringing in speakers and performers from around the world to the Seattle area. We think they’re awesome and are happy to help promote the great work they do.

Talk of The Town: Underground will be a fun evening of drinks, food trucks, Seattle notables and rocking local DJs. After an hour of drinks and appetizers you’ll hear mini Ignite!-style talks — short and sweet like their namesake — along with the annual Town Hall State of the Union by Executive Director Wier Harman.

Food trucks include SkilletMarination StationStreet TreatsSound SpiritsOola, and Sun Liquor will be at this year’s Underground. Notable personalities include Molly WizenbergLindy WestGeo,Kate LeboToby CrittendenHollis Wong-Wear Michelle QuisenberryJohn RichardsMarco Collins, and more.

You won’t want to miss this event, a distillation of all the great ideas from the Great Hall, brought downstairs for further discussion. Our home is your home, so grab a friend and come along — or make new ones at Underground.

Get tickets here soon – they’re likely to sell out fast. $60, $50 for Town-Hall members.



Ignite Seattle #23 is in just one week  on Wednesday, February 12th at Seattle Town Hall. You can buy tickets now to reserve your place.

This is our list of 16 awesome topics and speakers. Event starts at 8pm, doors open early so you can have fun in the bar.  Intermission half way through the event (for more fun and mingling).

  • I Love Board Games and Here’s Why You Should Too - Jonathan Ng
  • Food Hacks: Eat Your Way to Creativity and Success - Mark Briggs
  • The Cheater’s Guide to Saying “Thank You” - Carly Slater
  • Translate This, Interpret That - Geneva Hughes
  • Baby names for people who don’t care about babies - Jeff Weir
  • Talk now or risk being stuck on a breathing machine - Michael Westley
  • Fixing the World’s Biggest Machine - Max Effgen
  • All I Really Need to Know I Learned as a Car Salesman - Sol Villarreal
  • Embrace Your Inner Clown - Sally Fox
  • How Not to Use your Fitbit - Poornima Hanumara
  • Girls, Technology, and Blood - Nancy Muller
  • Polyphasic sleep: A body hack to live your dreams and ruin your life - Kyle Kesterson
  • The magic trick that changed my life and how to do it - Steve Broback
  • How To Know Everyone, And So Can You! - Zachary Cohn
  • Where a Bookstore Becomes a Community - Danielle Hulton

Tickets $5 – get them now. Please spread the word. Cheers.


How to prepare to speak at Ignite Seattle

January 30, 2014

We know the speakers are the stars. As organizers we do everything we can to select speakers with great topics and passions, but we also work hard to help them prepare and make sure they have what they need to do a great job. As the Ignite Seattle speaker coach I run a coaching session [...]

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Speaker Lineup for Ignite 21

August 6, 2013

The next Seattle Ignite is Sunday August 18th at the Fremont Outdoor Cinema. Tickets are $5. Here is our list of amazing 5 minute talks and speakers: How video games are like kissing - Jenny Kuglin (@jenkuglin) Getting geeky about Civics - Web Hutchins (@civicsforall) Where my girls at? (Or, How one obvious “discovery” revolutionized my world [...]

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Advice for getting accepted at Seattle Ignite

July 8, 2013

Ignite organizer Randy Stewart gave an Ignite talk on How to Pitch an Ignite talk. I’ve written up and revised his points here in a blog post for easier reading. Following this advice should improve the odds your talk will get in. Important Facts Talks are strictly 5 minutes long with automated slides. You can [...]

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Relating to Loved Ones with Dementia – Amy Harris

February 4, 2013

Our parents and friends get older all the time, and sooner or later we’re going to have to help them deal with serious medical issues. Amy Harris, an expert on Dementia, has some advice for all of us.

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Petty Officer School of Management – Collin Henry

January 30, 2013

Collin Henry sees important parallels between his work leading a team of engineers for SimplyMeasured and what he learned about Petty Officers in the Navy from their famous BlueJacket Manual.

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Pre-Ignite lecture: U.S. Government Response to Hackers

January 25, 2013

The next Seattle Ignite is Wed February 20th, at 6:30pm. We’ll have our usual pre-show games, but an alternative is this lecture on the U.S. history of government response to hacking, including commentary on the Aaron Swartz story. One ticket gets you access to both! Phil Lapsley: The Government’s Response to Hackers, Then & Now [...]

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How to write a good bio

January 22, 2013

Many good people write bad bios for themselves. We want you to sound as awesome as you are so please take our advice. These five simple rules make writing bios take less time, less effort and make everyone happy to learn something about you. 1. The more impressive you are, the shorter your bio can [...]

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Pitches vs. Talks

January 15, 2013

For every Seattle Ignite we get dozens of submissions. Some fall right on the line between being an interesting talk and being a sales pitch. Sales pitches have their place, but Seattle Ignite isn’t it. We know our audiences don’t like it. They don’t want to merely be sold something. Instead the heart of any Ignite [...]

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Catch Dan Pink at Town Hall January 9th

January 3, 2013

Our friends at Seattle Town Hall have a nice doubleheader next week on Wed. January 9th.  If you buy tickets to either talk you get entry for the other. at 6pm: William Janeway, an active venture-capitalist for decades leading the Warburg Pincus Technology Investment team (which sounds impressive but I’ve never heard of), will be talking [...]

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Ignite on KUOW/NPR at 8pm tonight

November 29, 2012

At the last Ignite KUOW 94.9 (our local NPR station) recorded the evening. They’re broadcasting tonight. You can tune in listen from the comfort of wherever you listen to radio things. We’ll be on their Speaker’s Forum Show. You can listen live to KOUW here in various formats.

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