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Monica Guzman

Toddlers run and run and run like crazy. Adults, not so much.

Josh Maher explains why we grown-ups should give running – particularly barefoot running – another go.

Was he wearing those wacky toe shoes while giving his talk? Heck yeah he was.


It’s a big country that’s getting bigger – socially, politically and commercially. But how well do you know your China?

In this talk, Lois Wang shares her theories about this culture on the other side of the world, and how to use some principles of consumer psychology to – and I quote – “sell them anything.”


Being deaf, it turns out, helps you see things others don’t.

Alex Alviar was born deaf and has lived much of his life with a cochlear implant. In this talk, he shares how he engages the world, how the world reacts, and the unexpected things his senses have shown him.

“It’s like having a secret superpower that no one’s really aware of and that I can’t fully control, sometimes for the worse but usually for the better.”

Prepare to never see deafness the same way again …

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