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We are coming up fast on Ignite Seattle 23. The event is scheduled for mid-February – the 12th. That means if you would like to give an Ignite talk, you need to submit by this Friday. We’ve already gotten lots of great submissions, but we are always looking for more.

Fill out the Submit a Talk form if you have an idea. We’ll be choosing talks some time next week. As always, we look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday, February 12th. You can buy tickets now through Stranger Tickets.


Ignite Seattle 22 is next Wednesday, November 20th at Town Hall. You can buy tickets now to reserve your place. This is our list of speakers, though not neceassarily in the order they are speaking.

Steve Roth – Five Things You Don’t Know About Hamlet
Mandy Sorensen (@mandercrosby) – Superbugs: It’s What’s for Dinner.
Manuhuia Barcham – What Do You Mean the Culture is Different Here?!?
Lewis Lin (Lewis_Lin) – Negotiate Like an Angry Bride
Michael Grabham (@survivestreets) – Hey Mister, Can You Spare a Dime?

Paul Shoemaker (@paulshoeSVP) – Hacking Social Good: 3 Questions to Unlock Your Potential
Molly Bullard (@seattlephotoorg) – How to Tame Your Digital Photos
Hanne Ockert-Axelsson (@hanneoa) – Revolutionary Compassion
Christine Klimkowski (@c_klimkowski) – Ship That Matters
David Hoang (@davidhoang) – Coast-to-Coast: How to Live in Two Cities
Shannon Houghton (@MsHoughton) – We Need Math Pushers

Jeris JC Miller (@dakini_3) – Adventures with Google Glass
Darcy Burner (@DarcyBurner) – The Protest Algorithm
Sarah Schacht (@Sarahschacht) – I Got E. Coli so You Don’t Have To; How Open Data and Usability Can Prevent Food Poisoning
Shango Los (@VIMEA_grows) – Embrace Your Local Pot Farmer
Cristina McAllister (kinabutterjelly) – Reject to Lab Tech


Today (Oct. 11th) is the last day that you can submit your idea for an Ignite talk. At midnight tonight we will no longer be accepting talks and we will begin deliberating on who will make it into the next batch of presenters. Next month, November 20th, we will be back at Town Hall and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there, whether you are giving a talk or not.

Click the Submit Talk link and fill out the form and voila!, you’re done! It’s never too late to submit your talk. Well… until midnight tonight, then it definitely will be too late. Good luck!


We have finally posted the videos from the last Ignite, held at Fremont Outdoor Cinemas in August. We had a fantastic crop of talks, including The Geek Diet, Being a Tech Entrepreneur in Baghdad, and How Video Games are Like Kissing. Check out the entire playlist for a view of all the talks.

The next Ignite is Wednesday, November 20th and today is the last day to submit a talk. Get yours in tonight before the deadline!


If you would like to speak at the next Ignite (Sunday, August 18th), you’ve got a little bit less than a week to submit your talks. The talk submission form will be closing at 11:59pm on Monday, July 8th. That should give you plenty of time over the holiday weekend to finish up your best talk proposal.

This is our annual outdoor Ignite, and we’d love to make use of the outdoor space. If you have any suggestions for somebody you might like to see on-stage (acrobatic, fire eater, etc), the please fill out the nominations form.


We’re excited to announce the lineup for Ignite Seattle 20 on May 16th. Join us at Town Hall, talks start promptly at 8pm. Get your tickets here.

Madeline Puckette – 7 Things You Never Knew About the Most Expensive Wines of the World
Wine is no longer just a drink, it has become a commodity like stock. Learn seven of the more interesting facts about the most expensive wines in the world and what ties them together. Never drink wine the same again.

Diana Vergis Vinh – My Life of Poo
Learning kale recipes that don’t make my family gag, thinking my goat was pregnant when she was just plain fat and being surrounded by endless piles of poo – who knew that backyard urban farming could be so darned engaging? Hear from a long time urban farmer the ups and the downs of this manic pursuit.

Jeffrey Hicks – Welcome to the Psych Ward
This is a talk about what it actually feels like to lose your mind. It is an insiders look into madness and recovery.

Nathan Kaiser – From Bits to Booze and Not Quite Back Again
What I learned going from bits to booze and what I hope to bring back with me.

Nicole Steinbok – Everyday Pitches
Learn how to get people to like and trust you, give you time, do boring shit, reply to an email, provide great feedback, buy into plans, hire you and much more!

Sally James – Small words
Why keeping it short, even using shorter words, may help people understand you.

Theresa Harris – I want to teach your child to fail
Kids become less creative as they grow and Theresa Harris, founder of Thrive Art School, says this is due to how they experience failure. She’s on a mission to teach kids to fail enthusiastically.

Dave Zucker – Sir Mix-a-Bot, the Robot Bartender
In October of 2002, I picked up a surplus PUMA robot arm from a local university. I was sad to discover it didn’t work, and have spent the past 10 years bringing it back to life and transforming it into a robot bartender, dubbed Sir Mix-a-Bot.

Whitney Mongé – Busking in Pike Place Market
My talk will be about the basic know how’s of street performing in Pike Place Market. It will also be a short but detailed outline of how to be successful at busking virtually anywhere.

Jack Bennetto – The Moral Clarity of Killing Ivy
In a world of ambiguity and complexity, we can find moral clarity in killing English ivy and other invasive plants. Jack Bennetto outlines his journey as an anti-invasivist and explains how you can achieve peace and happiness through wanton destruction leading to restoration and rebirth.

Nancy White – S#*!, is it time to think about a legacy?
What happens when you wake up and realize you are a certain age,a grandparent, your husband is retiring and people start calling you an “elder” in your field? When you can’t even DESCRIBE your field? Come peer with me over this deliciously scary edge of considering my future. Regardless of our ages, is it time to think about our legacies?

Joe Ludwig – The second coming of Virtual Reality
Back in the early nineties everybody thought that virtual reality would be the next big thing. Now, twenty years later, that might actually be true.

Frank Rogan – How Are You Not Dead?
Everyone has a superpower, and apparently mine is “not getting killed.” I’ve escaped embarrassing death and painful dismemberment several times. It all makes for a great story, and it’s your stories that make you human.

Randy Stewart – How to Pitch Ignite Seattle
After reading and voting on hundreds of Ignite proposals, I can tell you about the ins and outs of what will get you considered before anyone else. I reveal the inner most workings of the secret machinations of the Ignite selection committee.

Carmen Hudson – I Stalk Strangers Online
Software engineers and other highly sought-after talent: you can run, but you can’t hide. Employers will go to great lengths to find in-demand talent; that’s where I come in. Armed with a few search engine commands, tenacity and a telephone, I can find anyone. People like me — known as “sourcers” — use the internet to find contact information, hobbies and interests, and other personal data in order to silver tongue our way into the lives of top talent. I’ll show you how we do it.

Gina Phillips – The Ultimate Mistake
Gina has competed at the highest levels of ultimate frisbee, including US Nationals 7 times. In a talk that has turned into a very different talk than the one she set out to give, she shares a look at identity, shame, and self-worth.


Submit a talk for Ignite OSCON in Portland

April 25, 2013

From time to time we like to collaborate with other Ignites and help with promotion and sharing talks. In July, O’Reilly is running their Open Source Convention in Portland Oregon, with an Ignite on the first night to kick things off. O’Reilly is looking for submissions to speak at the Ignite event. If your talk […]

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Challenge: Picture Phone

February 20, 2013

We like to start every Ignite off with a game or a challenge – something to get attendees up out of their seats and interacting a little bit. Tonight we’re playing a variation of the party game “Telephone”. We’ll start by handing out small notepads and markers. On the front page of the notepad will […]

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Need 4 Volunteers for Tomorrow’s Ignite

February 19, 2013

We are looking for 4 people to volunteer as “runners” for Ignite Seattle 19. No specific skills needed, just people to help with the various odd jobs. You’ll get free entry to the event and you’ll get fed dinner beforehand. If you can be at Town Hall tomorrow from 5:30 until the end of the […]

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Announcing the Ignite Seattle 19 Talks

January 31, 2013

Tae Phoenix (@TaePhoenix) How to Write a Song Have you ever wondered how songwriters create the music you listen to on Pandora or Spotify? In this talk, local singer-songwriter Tae Phoenix will give you a peek into how she makes it happen – from choosing which chord progressions go with a particular vocal phrase, to […]

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Talk Submissions due on Monday

January 4, 2013

If you’re still thinking about submitting a talk for the Ignite on February 19th, now is your chance! You have until Monday at midnight to get your talk in for consideration. After that, we won’t be taking any more talks until late February.

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Latest Ignite Seattle Videos are Posted

December 26, 2012

We’ve been working hard over the last few months to get the most recent Ignite Seattle videos up on YouTube. You can see videos from both Ignite 17 and Ignite 18 over at our YouTube channel. In the coming weeks, as we get closer to Ignite Seattle 19 (Feb. 20th @ Town Hall), we’ll be […]

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Talk Submissions are Open

November 14, 2012

We are now accepting talks for Ignite Seattle 19, which will be Wednesday, Feb. 20th at Town Hall. The submission deadline isn’t until mid-January, so there’s plenty of time to think up a talk and post it. We had a blast at Ignite Seattle 18, and we’re expecting the next one to be even better. Submit […]

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Thank you for Ignite Seattle 18!

November 10, 2012

Thank you to everyone that showed up for Ignite Seattle 18 – the volunteers, the speakers, and of course the audience. We were all extremely proud of the event, and feel it is one of the best Ignites in recent memory. Also, of course, thank you to Monica Guzman for being a wonderful MC and […]

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The Mayor at Ignite Seattle

October 29, 2012

We are proud to announce that Seattle mayor Michael McGinn will be giving his first Ignite talk at Ignite Seattle 18. Join us, Mayor McGinn, and all of the other speakers next week at Town Hall. You can buy tickets online now, or buy them at the door on Thursday.

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Speaker List for Ignite Seattle 18

October 18, 2012

Tickets for Ignite Seattle 18 are on sale now! Here is the speaker roster for the November 8th event at Town Hall (in no particular order). We are still finalizing a few more talks, so check back at this blog for further announcements. Lee LeFever (@leelefever) The Long Lost Art of Explanation I’m on a […]

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