by brady on November 4, 2006

What is Ignite?

What is Ignite? Gatherings of interesting people presenting interesting ideas really quickly. Each person gets 20 slides, for 15 seconds each, to share a passion for 5 minutes – it’s an exercise in distilled discovery that leaves you with a deeper sense of the community + possibility that surrounds you.


Ignite was started in Seattle in 2006 by Brady Forrest of O’Reilly Radar and Bre Pettis of Make. Since then 100s of 5 minute talks have been given across the world. Besides Seattle, there are thriving Ignite communities in Portland, Sydney, Boulder, Baltimore, NYC and lot more. That first Ignite Seattle was a great success with 17 bridge-building teams, 25 speakers, and 250+ attendees.


Ignite Seattle is thrown 4 times a year and, as of 2012, we usually hold it at Town Hall Seattle and have betweetn 650-800 attendees.

As a change of pace, each summer we try to hold it at at the Fremont Outdoor Movie Cinema (N 35th and Phinney Ave, Seattle, Washington)

Event Schedule

6:30 – Doors open

7:00 – A Science Challenge contest begins at approximately 7:00

8:00 – Ignite talks begin


Ignite Seattle is organized by Bryan Zug, Justin Martenstein, Randy Stewart, Scott Berkun, Zachary Cohn, Jason Preston, Monica Guzman Preston, Jeff Shuey, and H.B. Siegel. We would love to hear your thoughts; we want this to be a community event.

Contact Us!

Want to say hello? Email the organizers at ignitenight@gmail.com.