Beverly Sobelman – How to Choreograph an Aerial Ignite Talk

by Randy Stewart on December 1, 2011

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When I was originally invited to speak at Ignite, I was asked if I could somehow do my presentation while performing an aerial act. My response: “You’re crazy! I don’t know how I would do that.” I suggested that instead I just stay on the ground and talk about how I left the software industry to run away and join the circus. But then a funny thing happened when I was writing that talk: I realized that an aerial act and a timed talk are not that different! Thus, two weeks before the event, I totally rewrote my talk – and choreographed an act to go with it.

About Bev Sobelman

In 2003, Beverly Sobelman walked away from her 18-year career in software development to find something new. That new thing turned out to be a career as a professional circus aerialist. In 2007, she founded Versatile Arts, Seattle’s first full-time aerial studio. You can find her on Twitter @bev_sobelman

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