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by brady on December 6, 2006

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The Ask Later talks are going to begin after the Bridge Building Contest. Here is the schedule for the speakers. I expect each round to last about an hour (including a break).

First Round:
Brady Forrest (O’Reilly Radar) – Introduction & Welcome
Shelly Farnham (Farnham Research)- Dorkbot Seattle
Jeff Barr (Amazon Web Services) – Uses of Amazon Web Services
Beth Goza (Microsoft) – Second Life
Buster Mcleod (Robot Coop)- McLeod’s
Ario Speedwagon (Real Arcade) – Mortality and User Experience
Dan Shapiro (Ontela) – Founding and Fundraising
Brian Aker (MySQL) – Asterisk @ Home – Adventures in VOIP

Second Round:
Bre Pettis (Make:)- Make: Project Disasters
Bruce Leban – Puzzles
Scott Berkun (Independent) – Innovation
Jordan Shwartz (Microsoft; Creator of Pixie Hunt and SLAM) – Make Your Own SMS Service
Kathleen Dollard (GenDotNet) – Of Progress, Canaries and Workflow
Peter Brown (Independent) – Secret Project
Rob Flickenger (Hacker Friendly)- Lightning fast publishing
Stuart Maxwell – 19 Pings: Stuff That’s On My Radar

Third Round:
Beth Kolko (UW) – Info Tech in the Developing World
Chris Johnson (Phrase Train) – Phrase Train
Danyel Fisher (MSR)
Dan McComb (Biznik) – Biznik: Radical Self-Promotion
3ric Johanson (Shmoo)
Rob Dolin (KCD) – King County Democrats use of Social Networking Software
Jesse RobbinsBRC Credit Union
Jonah Burke – The Darfur Wall
Scott “The Closer” Ruthfield (Amazon) – Replacing Something That Sucks (Corporate Style)

This post will be revised as we get more speakers or some drop out. Speakers, don’t forget to send me your presentations! For now I am not going to sign up anymore talks – there will be other Ignites in the future. :-)

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leif hansen December 6, 2006 at 1:38 pm

Looks like a fun lineup Brady & Bre!
Thanks for putting all this together,

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